This was a live brief set by the London graphic design company 'Mother' for a fake client. The brief was to design and come up with a name and identity for a new jeans brand targeting the age group of 45-60.

My solution is Majesty. My evaluation of the age group was that most people are at the top of there career with a disposable income. They work mon-fri and when it comes to the weekend this time is precious for enjoying it with the family. When going out they want to get away from uniforms and suits but still want to look smart. They are willing to pay extra for a good, smart and posh pair of jeans that they save for the weekend.

now i see you

To test our adaptive ability the target audience was changed from young adults to 45-60 half way through the project. The second part of my images on this site show the solution for the younger target audience.
Other considered brands
The younger target audience